About us

About Us

Governing body – The Board

As prescribed in the Persons with Disability Act, the Board is made up of 18 members. The current Board consists of eight representatives of whom four are women, of the following categories of disabilities: mental disability; visual impairment; physical disability and hearing impairment. It also then has a representative from the Federation of Employers, representatives from the following ministries, the Ministry responsible for works and buildings, Education Science and Technology, Community Development and Social Welfare, Finance, Broadcasting services, Labour, Health; a representative from the Attorney General’s office and a representative from a youth disability organisation.

The Organisational structure

The organisational structure is such that at the helm of the Agency is the Director General under whom fall three Directorates, headed by the Director of Planning & Programmes, Director of Rehabilitation and Research and the Director of Administration and Finance.


ZAPD is a statutory body established under the persons with disabilities act number 6 of 2012 cap 65 of the laws of zambia. The agency falls under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare.


A fully rehabilitated or rehabilitated, enlightened, economically empowered and socially integrated disabled persons with full access to information / public facilities e.t.c. and enjoying equal rights with other members of the society.

Functions of (ZAPD)

i. Plan, promote and administer services for all categories of persons with disabilities;
ii. Keep statistical records relating to incidences and causes of disabilities, which may be used for the planning, promotion, administration and evaluation of services for persons with disabilities;
iii. Keep a register of persons with disabilities;
iv. Provide rehabilitation, training, and welfare services to persons with disabilities;
v. Promote research into general rehabilitation programmes for persons with disabilities;
vi. Promote public awareness relating to the prevention of disabilities and the care of persons with disabilities;
vii. Co-operate with ministries and other organisations in the provision of preventive, educational, training, employment and rehabilitation and other welfare services for persons with disabilities;
viii. Co-ordinate rehabilitation and welfare services provided to persons with disabilities by ministries, and voluntary associations;
ix. Monitor and supervise the provision of services to persons with disabilities;
x. Promote, directly and indirectly, the development of human resources in the prevention of disabilities and in the provision of rehabilitative, education, training and the general welfare of persons with disabilities;
xi. Advise the Minister on matters relating to the social and economic development and the general well-being of persons with disabilities; and
xii. Do all such things as are incidental to or conductive to the attainment of the functions of the Agency.